About Us

Women in IT SECurity:

  • Founded in 2014 by 9  members
  • Ladies working in IT security 
  • Who decided to support the IT profession in their own way
  • Give presentations and workshops
  • Help those taking their first steps in the field of IT security (mentoring)


A 9 alapítótag egy asztal körül ül.

WITSEC has evolved from the felowship of 9 ladies (Gabriella Biró, Sarolta Makay-Dévai, Adrienn Németh, Eszter Oroszi, Viktória Sebők, Anikó Szarvák, Éva Rita Tóth, dr. Linda Vízi and  Andrea Szeiler (Zengő)). As acknowledged experts from the field of IT security, thes have decided to coordinate and help those girls and boys who are able and willing to work for their goals.


WITSEC (Women in IT Security) is the association of women working in the field of IT security, whose aim is to destroy the stereotype that IT is exclusively the realm of men. Women are also able to achieve as well as men. Our intention is not to strengthen the gender struggle, but to contribute with our knowledge and abilities to this discipline of science while helping the new generation to integrate into the professional community.

We perceive that there is no shortage of talented and motivated youngsters or novices; mentoring these women and man is the primary aim of WITSEC. Besides professional support, our team also helps with the resolution of problems, conflict management and through the development of skills and self-awareness with the formation of business style.

Our programme has not only been started in order to do something for the profession, but because we perceive this to be an excellent opportunity for promoting IT among the young and especially girls. Since its founding, the membership the organization has been increasing nicely, in 2018 we officially established the organizationand and our team of committed leadies has been growing ever since.  

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