"Well, I think I’d make a pretty ugly woman being bald and hairy and all."

I’ve been asked the following question by a number of my friends lately saying he’d love to further the activity of the association, however, he is a [bearded, bald, whatever macho attribute] man, thus he can’t help unless he performs in a wig and high-heels.

Guys, I have good news for You! You can do so much for WITSEC and for its purposes even being a man!

As a colleague, you can take part in forming an open, inviting atmosphere for your women colleagues. By considering your women colleagues as equals and expecting the same from others as well, you have already accomplished much for the realization of the purposes of WITSEC.

As a professional you can take part in mentoring youngsters – being men and women just like the organization itself does –, give presentations and lectures.  You even add fuel to our initiatives by encouraging and acknowledging your women colleagues.

As a leader, you can help that equality in genders would come to fruition and no one – including women, elderly, homosexual or Martian people – would suffer discrimination or become the subject of ridicule.

As a decision-maker in a company, you can help us directly either through your support through material help, lending us devices and equipment or trainings or granting positions for internship for our mentees. You can also cooperate with us on events and presentations.

As a life partner you can encourage your partner to achieve professional success if it she wishes to.

As a father, you can assure your children of your trust in their skills and abilities no matter what profession he or she chooses – even being a girl.

If all that has been mentioned shouldn’t prove to be enough, you can still put on wigs and high-heels if you wish.


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