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„Well, I think I’d make a pretty ugly woman being bald and hairy and all.”

I’ve been asked the following question by a number of my friends lately saying he’d love to further the activity of the association, however, he is a [bearded, bald, whatever macho attribute] man, thus he can’t help unless he performs in a wig and high-heels.

Guys, I have good news for You! You can do so much for WITSEC and for its purposes even being a man!


What has being a WITSEC mentor given me? – Apart from the shoes

Shoe shopping

Yep, the shoes. Going shoe-shopping seems to be a recurring theme of WITSEC. It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you are a woman, you need a lot of shoes. But in the context of a WITSEC mentoring relationship it all gets a lot more meaningful. If you are a WITSEC mentor, sometimes you get to teach young women to walk on high heels. Being an IT pro, you explain the theory (physics, balance and all) and demonstrate the practice, or even choose her first pair of slightly platform pumps for her. Then next day you get the hilarious texts about the incredible challenges of climbing stairs and the appreciative glances of colleagues, and the last message of the day about muscle strain, ending with a disbelieving question: "How do you do it every day?" As a bonus, you get to buy yourself some shoes in the process.


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